Saturday, July 3, 2010

VampAngel Revamped

Hi there!

You probably have noticed that things around here have changed. This blog has been officially revamped (pun intended). Even the name is new and improved! You like?

The lovely Larissa from My Bookish Life is responsible for the make-over. Larissa is a fellow Brazilian and book lover. We have discovered that we are geeky soul mates. Her blog is incredible and she is super talented. She did everything you see around here. The header, button, twitter image, my signature, my winged rating system, etc. They are pretty, aren't they?

We have been talking a lot lately about our love of books, Buffy, Veronica Mars and all things we have in common, besides living in the same city.  We'll be doing some joined and incredibly cool stuff with our blogs too. It's a surprise, so I won't tell. But keep checking back and you'll see!

Anyway, thanks Larissa!

I really can't thank her enough. I'm very grateful for all her help and for having met her. She is my Yoda. So, let me know what you think about the changes, grab my new shiny button, and go visit Larissa's place. It's awesome!

VampAngel's Dilemma

Welcome to Larissa's Life


  1. OMG! I'm super jelly! This place is blowing me away!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Larissa's design is AWESOME!!! Me want!

  2. It's absolutely gorgeous! I love the hot pink...its HOT! I might need to lick the screen...

  3. Awwwwww B, Im so happy you liked it! It was my pleasure= )))

    Missie, holla if you want me to do something =) Im all for it!!!


  4. @Larissa!

    *eyes pop*




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